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Buying a Home

Buyer Consultations and Purchases
Purchasing your next home is a big decision, whether you are moving locally or from outside of the immediate area. It is important that we have a detailed and ongoing conversation about your criteria, timing, logistical, educational and area needs. My goal is to make the process as comprehensive and streamlined as possible, offering additional resources and expert services as needed. You may be in your new residence for a long time, but it is important to look at it from an investment and re-sale perspective as well. My market knowledge and extensive experience with The Expanded Main Line and Center City residences, large estates, investment properties, development projects and condominiums enables me to consult with you about this at all price point levels.

Relocation Services
My own family and I have been though the relocation process cross country multiple times, so I personally understand the many challenges that need to be navigated depending upon the many variables. Because of this, I have assembled a reliable pool of contacts, expert resources and professionals to offer to you as needed. I am also particularly careful to help advise my buyers about the nuances and attributes to any given area that are under consideration

Providing you with comprehensive, unparalleled service is my top priority. Please feel free to
contact me.